Whitepaper: Strategies for Reducing the Risk of Fraud

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How Corporations can centrally direct, monitor and manage their finance processes for maximum security

This white paper outlays why fraud mitigation is more important than ever, details the vulnerabilities of traditional approaches to managing bank accounts and communicating payment information to banks, and clearly defines three strategies for reducing fraudulent payments.

According to the Association of Finance Professional's Payments Fraud and Control Survey (2017), almost three-quarters of organizations (74%) experienced actual or attempted payment fraud in 2016.

In this Strategies for Reducing the Risk of Fraud white paper from Hanse Orga Group, learn how to protect your company from payment fraud. Topics discussed in this paper include:

  • Strategies for detecting potentially fraudulent payments
  • Importance of implementing automated fraud checks in vulnerable processes
  • How to qualify suppliers to mitigate supplier credit risk and screen for sanctions

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