Customer success story: Nordson Holding

Pushing the boundaries of treasury technology

Treasury often has all the data it needs just out of reach within its ERP system. Whilst this can prove frustrating, forward-thinking treasury teams are tackling this issue by using a host of new digital tools that are enabling them to access this data and improve the effectiveness of the treasury function.

The treasury team at Nordson were acutely aware that much of the data it required to achieve its objectives of being a professional, innovative and core partner to the business sat within their ERP system. The frustration, however, came from the fact that much of this data could not be used because it was either inaccessible or of poor quality. As a result, Nordson was bound to work with an incomplete data-set, and forced to manually carry out many tasks that it knew could be automated. This was time-consuming and created unnecessary risks.

Nordson then looked for solutions to help streamline its financial processes by creating a system-driven workflow to allow us to better support business and inform management decisions. Nordson partnered with Hanse Orga Group to implement three key software solutions for cash application, payments and cash and liquidity management.

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